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Dear supplier it is our pleasure presenting you a list of our most important raw materials and production needs that we regularly use in
our factory in 6 th  October city .So if you have the ability supplying us
with these needs please go to our Contact us page to know how to contact us and send an offer for the materials that you can supply us and it is preferable to attach with the offer a list of your previous works to other clients just to be sure that you have the ability to fulfill our needs without any drop in production.

First: The Raw Materials

All kinds of granite stones known in Egypt and Arab world
1. Red Aswan 2. Black Aswan 3. Red Hurghada 4. Green Brazilian
5. Brown kemit 6. Great stone 7. Gandolla 8. Halayeb
9. Rose royal 10. Rose hoody 11. Rose El-nasar 12. Gazal Valley ( green-yellow )
13. Sinai Ghost  
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